Power Over Ethernet Development and Test tools


SIFOS TECHNOLOGIES is focused on developing automated test & measurement solutions and delivering products that will: Increase the capability of test. Decrease the overall cost of test. Reduce test time, equipment, and fixture requirements.

3000 Chassis
PowerSync Analyzers, Series 3000. The one box solution.

Sifos Technologies provides a one-box solution to facilitate complete testing and analysis of Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) behaviors and overall compliance to the IEEE 802.3at specification. Each test port
inside a PowerSync Analyzer is an autonomous and fully isolated instrument offering a rich set of stimulus and measurement resources. Test ports are configured and controlled via a high level automation
interface, PowerShell PSA, and may also be accessed and managed from an intuitive graphical user interface, PSA Interactive.

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2000 Chassis
Automated PSE Conformance Testing

PowerSync analysers may be optioned via a license key to run the world’s most advanced PSE Conformance Test Suite. This fully automated application applies the PowerSync Analyzer’s diverse resources to
assess over 60 IEEE 802.3at specification parameters presented in easily readable spreadsheet reports with multi-port statistics and clearly notated pass/fail limit analysis..

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Blades overview
Automated PSE Multi-Port Testing

PowerSync analyzers may also be optioned via a license key to run the one-of-akind PSE Multi-Port System Performance Suite. PSE Multi-Port evaluates systems of up to 192 PSE ports simultaneously to assess overall power capacities, multi-port event responses, PSE system decision making and power budgeting, and inter-port interactions and couplings.

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802.3at LLDP Emulation and Analysis

The IEEE 802.3at specification describes a new generation of PSE’s and Powered Devices (PD’s) that communicate highly resolved power needs and power allocations using Ethernet layer 2 (LLDP) link protocols. PowerSync analyzers may be optioned via a license key to flexibly emulate PD’s and fully analyze the new power negotiation protocols between PSE’s and PD’s.

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Powered Device Analyzer

PDA-604A and PDA-602B Powered Device Analyzers are single-box comprehensive solution for testing IEEE 802.3at and 802.3bt  PoE Powered Devices (PD’s).  It offers one-button, fully automated test sequences and limit checking for critical Powered Device PoE characteristics.  With measurements performed at the Powered Device network interface, many parameters critical to IEEE 802.3 interoperation can be accurately assessed relative to specification requirements, thus fully avoiding the need for and limitations associated with interoperability testing using IEEE 802.3at and 802.3bt PSE’s

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Blades overview
PoE Service Analyzer

The Sifos Technologies PSA-3002-SA PoE Service Analyzer marries the Sifos PSA-3002 Compact PowerSync® Analyzer with specialized application software to enable the most comprehensive and fully automated testing available for PoE analysis and qualification at a Powered Device service access point. The tests available go well beyond standard power-up and line voltage measurements found in low cost, hand-held analyzers to fully assess interoperability risks, safety hazards, and PoE performance limitations at the connection to any Powered Device..

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