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4 blades chassis

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Features of the 802.3at (version 4.1) PSE Conformance Test Suite:
  • Robust 802.3at (PoE+) PSE Compliance Testing
  • Fully Automated Port Sequencing and Statistics
  • Greater than 95% 802.3at PICS Coverage* from 23 Tests Producing more than 75 IEEE 802.3at Test Parameters per Port
  • Fully Emulates All Type-1 (PD Class 0, 1, 2, or 3) and Type-2 (PD Class 4) PD’s Including PoE LLDP-Capable PD’s
  • Adapts to All Prevalent PSE Signaling and Power Behaviors
  • Adapts to Prevalent Composite 802.3at and Proprietary Detection Signaling Behaviors
  • Configurable Waveform Trace Diagnostic Generation and Retention to 10 Waveforms per Test
  • Colorful and Informative Spreadsheet Reporting with Compliance (Pass/Fail) Notations and Parameter Statistics

The PSE Conformance Test Suite is a fully automated, highly adaptive group of tests designed to assess PSE (Power Sourcing Equipment) compliance to the 802.3at specification.  Sifos provides industry leading coverage and diagnostic capabilities based upon the core resources of each PowerSync®  Analyzer test port coupled with the high level processing power of PowerShell PSA

The PSE Conformance Test Suite is offered as an option to the following products:

  • PSA-3000
  • PSA-3002
  • PSA-3048

With the new IEEE 802.3at standard, PSE Conformance Testing has evolved from a single case (15.4 watt PSE's) model into a more complex model with several dimensions:

  • Type-1 (15.4 watt) PSE's serving Type-1 PD's
  • Type-2 (30 watt) PSE's serving Type-1 PD's
  • Type-2 (30 watt) PSE's serving Type-2 PD's with Classification Grants
  • Type-2 (30 watt) PSE's serving Type-2 PD's with LLDP Grants

PSA Software Release 4.0 offers the world's most complete and automated PSE Conformance Test Suite (version 4.0.xx) to assess 802.3at specification compliance in each of these four cases.  This second generation test suite is available to all PowerSync Analyzers configured with PSA-3102 (PSA-3000) test blades.  The test suite offers greater than 95% coverage of 802.3at PIC's items for compliant PSE's

PSA Software Release 3.5 continues to offer a first generation, fully automated PSE Conformance Test Suite (version 3.5.xx) to assess partial 802.3at specification compliance primarily for Type-1 PSE's and Type-2 PSE's serving Type-1 PD's.   This test suite remains available and supported for PSA-1200 (PSEAF test blades).

Available Datasheets:

802.3at (Version 4.1) PSE Conformance Test Suite

802.3at PSE PICS Coverage

Samples of PSE Conformance Test Reports
from PSA-3000

24-Port 802.3at Type-2 LLDP PSE

4-Port 802.3at Type-2 2-Event PSE

8-Port 802.3at Type-2 LLDP PSE

4-Port 802.3at Type-1 LLDP PSE

4 blades chassis

42W Continous per Port

PSE Conformance Test Standard Reporting

PSE Conformance Tests automatically sequence to aSpreadsheet Report that automatically scales to the number of tested ports and parameters.  The standard report delivers parameter statistics across tested PSE ports and colorfully annunciates all limit failures.

PSE Conformance Tests may optionally be sequenced to textual reports or just summarized in PowerShell PSA or PSA Interactive.