Boundary Scan / JTAG
Test and In System programming

Corelis Inc is a company entirely focused on Boundary Scan/JTAG test an In-system programming. Corelis has been into this business since 1992, is an active part of the IEEE1149 standardization committee. Corelis is one of the few companies in this business that has developed all products, both software and hardware by themselves. Corelis can today provide this market sectors largest product portfolios and enjoy reputation to be the no 1 in product quality.

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Boundary Scan JTAG Controllers

Corelis has developed a wide range of boundary-scan high-performance controllers that are compatible with busses such as PCI, PCI Express, USB 2.0, Ethernet PC Card, and more. Most of Corelis' boundary-scan controllers operate up to 80MHz sustained TCK frequency some even up to 100MHz. This wide choice of platforms allows you to select the appropriate level and cost of boundary-scan hardware tester for the application while maintaining complete software transportability across all platforms. The table below lists the various JTAG controllers offered by Corelis. A brief description of each controller follows. There are also older types of controllers based on VME, PIO, VXI and ISA bus available upon request.


Boundary Scan I/O Modules

The Corelis family of SCANIO™ modules turn any IEEE standard 1149.1 boundary-scan controller into a powerful digital boundary-scan tester. The SCANIO family of products use boundary-scan gate arrays to add control and visibility to connectors, traces, and logic that can not be tested using traditional boundary-scan techniques.
The SCANIO products, when combined with a boundary-scan controller, operate as a traditional "bed-of-nails" tester except access to the stimulus and response I/O's is achieved via boundary-scan.


JTAG/Boundary Scan In-System Programming Software

Corelis ScanExpress Programmer offers four distinct programming methods. Utilizing Corelis high-performance controllers with built-in support for JTAG, I2C, and SPI interfaces, and target assisted programming, ScanExpress Programmer can program components under the following individually licensed modules

  • JTAG Programmer
  • I2C and SPI Programmer
  • In-System Programming of CPDLs


Boundary Scan Test Software

Corelis offers an extensive line of ScanExpress software modules that can be custom tailored to create the right boundary-scan package for any user. Corelis' ScanExpress software is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 as well as all of Corelis' hardware platforms.