Boundary Scan I/O Modules

The Corelis family of SCANIO™ modules turn any IEEE standard 1149.1 boundary-scan controller into a powerful digital boundary-scan tester. The SCANIO family of products use boundary-scan gate arrays to add control and visibility to connectors, traces, and logic that can not be tested using traditional boundary-scan techniques.
The SCANIO products, when combined with a boundary-scan controller, operate as a traditional "bed-of-nails" tester except access to the stimulus and response I/O's is achieved via boundary-scan.


The ScanIO-300LV digital I/O module turns an IEEE-1149.1 boundary-scan controller (such as the Corelis PCI-1149.1/Turbo™ or NetUSB-1149.1™) into a powerful digital interconnect and functional tester. It uses boundary-scan compatible ASICs to add control and visibility to connectors, traces, and logic that can not be tested using traditional scan techniques. The ScanIO-300LV, combined with a boundary-scan controller, operates as a traditional “bed of nails” test system except access to the stimulus-and response I/Os is achieved via boundary-scan, and the size and the cost of the system are significantly smaller than traditional testers.

The ScanIO-300LV module provides a total of 300 fully bidirectional test channels with virtually unlimited memory depth per pin. Each line is independently controlled and can be individually configured as an input or output. During testing, the programming and control of the test channels is automatically performed by the ScanExpress™ tools without any user intervention. The voltage level of the I/O and JTAG interfaces is programmable from 1.25V to 3.3V and supports either single ended or low voltage differential (LVDS) signaling.

Multiple ScanIO-300LV modules can be cascaded in series providing a sufficient number of pins for almost any digital test environment. By using single or multiple ScanIO-300LV modules, existing Automatic Test Pattern Generators (ATPGs) can be used to test non-scannable elements such as connectors, cables, and devices not incorporating boundary-scan. The ScanIO-300LV connects to the UUT inputs and outputs with standard flat-cables that can optionally be terminated with test probes.

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The ScanDIMM™ Digital Tester modules are an easy to use tool for interconnect testing of memory DIMM sockets.

Through the use of boundary-scan technology, the ScanDIMM Tester provides fully bi-directional test signals. A boundary-scan Test Access Port (TAP) connects to a host computer which provides virtually unlimited memory depth for testing each of the DIMM socket(s) pins.

DIMM sockets are often used for Double Data Rate (DDR) Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (SDRAM) and other types of memories and the ScanDIMM offers an accurate and easy to use mechanical and electrical solution for testing connections to the DIMM socket(s).

Support is available for a number of DDR, DDR2 and DDR3 modules including 184-pin DIMM, 168-pin DIMM, 200-pin SODIMM, 204-pin DIMM, and 240-pin DIMM.

Please refer to the detailed datasheets for the ScanDIMM products for additional information.