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Xgig Jammer

The Xgig® Jammer manipulates live network traffic to simulate errors in real time, enabling users to verify the responsiveness and robustness of error recovery processes.  Giving a high level of control to users, the Jammer makes it possible to create preset configuration files that comprehensively iterate through all relevant error conditions to ensure complete test coverage, verify error recovery, and guarantee overall reliability of operation.  Errors can be precisely defined and timed, making it possible to not only thoroughly test networks but automate most of the testing process.

Xgig Jammers are intelligent and protocol-aware, enabling developers to make very specific traffic edits, based on any bit in any frame, from the physical to protocol layers.  While random errors can be injected, "conditional jamming" techniques maintain tight control over the testing process and ensure that every relevant operating condition is exercised, ensuring comprehensive test coverage.  In addition, the Xgig Jammer:


Xgig Jammer

  • Simplifies test setup with inline operation and automated discovery

  • Tests across a wide range of protocols

  • Modifies real-world network traffic and CRCs

  • Tracks port pairs from multiple analyzers simultaneously

  • Triggers protocol analyzers or other test instruments at the error injection point

  • Automates regression testing through stored test cases


The Xgig Jammer is a licensable option for Xgig 5000 and Xgig 1000. It may be used in conjunction with the Xgig Analyzer and other licensable functions to trigger the analyzer and receive arming signals.

Xgig Jammer is available for:

Xgig5000 4/8/16G FC

Xgig1000 FC, GE and SAS

Datasheet Ethernet Jammer

Datasheet Fiberchannel Jammer

Datasheet SAS Jammer

There is no separate datasheet for Xgig1000 SAS Jammer but the functionality is the same as for Fiberchannel. If you want more information about SAS and SAS/SATA Jammer please send an email to info(at)eweab.se