Traffic Generator Software

There are 2 different versions




  • 16Gb/s FC Generator
  • 12Gb/s SAS Generator
Xgig 16Gb/s Fibre Channel Generator Software

Increased demand for storage network bandwidth is driving the Fibre Channel (FC) industry to quickly advance toward doubling the currently supported speed. Starting from 1 G, FC technology has already doubled its supported speeds with similar framework and data structure. Functional verification and protocol compliance tests can be correlated among various data speeds up to 8 G. However, for designers jumping between 8 G FC and 16 G FC poses a greater technological difference than expected and, therefore, require fundamental protocol-based tests at the 16 G speed.

Conducting detailed all-layer tests requires a 16G FC generator. The new Xgig 16G FC Generator function on the 16G FC multifunctional blade for the Xgig 5000 platform offers similar client management as other Xgig functions, with the exception of the analyzer which has a separate client interface. The 16 G FC Generator connects to users’ systems and can arbitrarily create FC protocol traffic at speed of 4/8/16G FC, to emulate FC devices. In addition, the 16G FC Generator can be used to replay field issues in the lab to verify bug fixes in the SQA lab before they are deployed. For optimal usability, users control the generator through an application-programming interface (API). The Xgig 16G FC Generator can help companies accelerate turn-up, regression and manufacturing testing, and field support, among other applications.

Key Features:
  • Generates FC and SCSI FCP protocol traffic
  • Operates at speeds of 4/8/16G
  • Emulates initiator and target behaviors
  • Supports N_port, F_port, or E_port emulation
  • Controlled through C/C++ API-based scripts
  • Supports up to 1024 event queues
  • Supports fully customized frames, ordered sets, primitives, and fill word generation
  • Supports automatic or manual control flow management
Xgig 12Gb/s SAS Generator Software

12Gb/s SAS Generator is available for Xgig1000. See datasheet ( link below) for fore info

Xgig Generator is available for:

Xgig5000 16G FC

Xgig1000 12G SAS

Datasheet Xgig5000 16G FC Generator

Datasheet Xgig1000 12G SAS

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