Flash File Systems

SFFS SCIOPTA Flash File System

High performance file system designed and tested to handle unexpected resets cleanly. Can be used for driver on all NOR, NAND and serial flash types.

SFFS is a file system targeted at embedded devices which use NOR or NAND type flash devices that require a high degree of reliability. The system is completely protected against unexpected power-failure or reset.

SFFS Tiny Flash File System

SFFS Tiny is a failsafe file system designed for any flash device with small erasable sectors. Ideal for most standard serial flash parts, Flash based Micros with small erasable sectors and RAM drives.

Flash technology is constantly changing and comes in many variants. To get the most from any particular flash arrangement file systems need to be crafted. SFFS Tiny is crafted to work with flash which has small erasable sectors with the specific design goals of being failsafe, having small ROM footprint and minimal RAM footprint - making it possible to use with very small microcontrollers.

  • 100% Power Fail Safe
  • Long Filenames
  • Multiple Volumes
  • Directory Handling
  • Multiple simultaneous files open
  • Unicode16 support
  • Mix of media types
  • Erase Suspend/Resume
  • Wear-Leveling (Static and Dynamic)
  • ECC Algorithms
  • Bad Block handling
  • Reserved Sectors
  • Sample Drivers


SFFSN Flash File System NAND

SFFSN is designed to support all types of standard NAND flash.

NAND flash is a relatively new flash technology designed to store large amounts of non-volatile data at reduced cost. It is characterized by having storage that can only be written to if previously erased - these blocks erase quicker than on NOR flash but is still quite long. Other features that differentiate it from NOR flash are that it is often shipped with a number of bad-blocks and their reliability is much increased if all single bit errors are detected and fixed.

There are many different NAND flash devices available all with slightly different characteristics while retaining the same base properties. The system supports all known manufacturers devices including: Samsung, Renesas, Toshiba, Micron and ST Micro. Sample drivers are provided for Samsung, ST, and Micron devices.