Xgig 1000

PCIe Gen3 & NVMe Analyzer


Xgig 1000

PCI Express Gen3

Xgig 1000

Portable unit

Most advanced PCIe Gen3 Analyzer

The Xgig® 1000 analyzer for NVMe and PCI Express 3.0 is the latest addition to the JDSU family of high-speed, serial protocol-analysis solutions. It seamlessly connects with the existing Xgig family of SAS, SATA, Ethernet, FC, and FCoE analyzers, providing an integrated trace view of all highspeed traffic in today's complex, multi-protocol environments.

This powerful tool also triggers and captures all SSD-based NVMe, PCIe, and AHCI-SATA Express traffic. Triggers include speed change, MSI+MSI-X, and all NVMe standard and custom OP codes. The analyzer easily captures and displays NVMe-specific features like PRP tables and dynamic queue updates. And, the 64 G buffer (32 G x 2) is lane-width independent, so full buffer captures are supported for all X1, X2, X4, and X8 traffic.

The analyzer ships with a standard X8 PCIe Gen3 interposer, and a dedicated JDSU team works with each customer on solving physical analyzer/system connection challenges. SFF 8639, M.2, and low-profile server interposer solutions are also available. JDSU also has an array of 3rd-party cable and board solutions that solve many of today's connection challenges. 

Non-Intrusive Monitoring

Different applications have different signaling sensitivities. For minimal signal impact, the analyzer employs high-impedance, non-intrusive probing technology, thereby allowing fully-unaltered data pass-through on all data rates from Gen1 to Gen3. The analyzer passes every monitored bit through exactly as received, letting users see the same signal that the device sees under test.

Key Benefits:
  • Supports native PCIe and PCIe Gen3 at all link speeds
  • Supports NVMe with full trigger capability on messages
  • Decodes all PCIe/NVMe traffic including TLP, DLLP, training sequences, ordered sets, queue pairs, PRPs, and configuration space
  • Displays packets on a time-synchronized trace; protocols can be toggled on/off for ease of debug
  • Supports SRIS
  • Decodes all NVMe and PCIe data to text—no more referring to the spec
  • One-year hardware and three-year software warranties
  • Cascadable with other JDSU analyzers to display multi-protocol packets on a single trace
  • Portable, lightweight, and standalone
Key Features:
  • Accurately captures all data line rates including 8 GT/s, 5 GT/s, and 2.5 GT/s
  • Decodes all PCI Express traffic including TLP and DLLP ordered sets
  • Supports Native PCIe Gen3 and NVM Express
  • Portable, lightweight, standalone system
  • Expert mode supports Native PCIe and NVM Express
  • Classic Electromechanical x8 PCIe motherboard interposer card.
  • SFF-8639 Backplane Interposer. interface between a server backplane’s SFF-8639 connector and a the server drive (DUT) that allows JDSU’s Xgig 1K Chassis/ Analyzer solution to transparently capture PCI Express (PCIe) and SATA Express (SATAe)
    traffic between the backplane and the DUT.


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