4/8/16G Fiber Channel Analyzer

16Gb/s FC Analyzer

Xgig5000 with 4 blades


Xgig5000 FC Analyzer blade

There is one FC blade made for the Xgig5000 Analyzer Chassis. This blade is a 4 port blade made for 4/8/16 Gb/s FC. You can have up to 4 such blades in a Xgig5000 Chassis which adds up to a capability of 16 ports in a fully equipped chassis. If you need more, you can cascade up to 4 such fully equipped chassis and every port can be handled separately by differents users if you like.


Viavi Xgig Fiber Channel (FC) products provide best-of-class protocol testing tools specifically for high-speed storage and networking applications. The Xgig 16G Fiber Channel Analyzer is a modular blade made for the Xgig5000 platform designed for high-speed network analysis. It is the most critical tool for engineers developing and troubleshooting FC components and systems with support for Upper Layer Protocols (ULP) such as Fiber Channel Protocol (FCP), Internet Protocol over Fiber Channel (IPFC), Fiber Connectivity (FICON), SCSI, and Fiber Channel Avionics Environment (FC-AE).

  • Industry's most powerful trace capture: Captures 100% at any line rate up to the maximum data rate of 14 Gbps (the real wire rate) backed by the largest trace buffer in the industry with 2 GB per SFP+ port.
  • Each blade can serve as a protocol analyzer, jammer*, and load tester* through a simple software configuration without changing any hardware.
  • Cascading multiple Xgig systems together can group up to 64 time-synchronized ports for comprehensive system analysis and testing Industry's highest time stamp resolution (5 ns).
  • The Xgig5000 Chassis is backward compatible with Xgig Classic. There is an adapter (option) that let you plug in Xgig Classic blades in the Xgig 5000 Chassis

The following different functionality are available for this blade:

Protocol Analyzer Jammer Load Tester Generator
4/8/16G FC X X X X

Datasheet Xgig5000 16G FC