Company Profile

EWE AB is a Nordic distributor of surveillance, development and test tools for engineers who build, inspect and test data centers and for engineers that develop and test embedded systems. EWE AB is specialized in tools for data communications monitoring, development and test. New demands for  more compact systems with higher bandwidth and more complex data communication protocol creates new challenges for the SAN / Data Center and R&D Engineers.

EWE AB was founded by a group of experienced engineers with the aim of meeting the market need for tools and knowledge mainly in data communication. EWE AB of today provides a broad product portfolio that includes monitoring and test tools for SAN / Data Center engineers as well as development and test tools for engineers with a focus on embedded systems. EWE AB is headquartered about 15 km east of Stockholm.

Kompassvägen 13
132 46 Saltsjö-Boo
Tel +46 8 715 60 00